Medical Battery Corporation Now Carries Medical Lamps & Sensors

100% Guarantee

Almost 20% of medical batteries fail out of the box. That’s why we thoroughly test all medical batteries we sell before sending them to clients. It’s because of that testing that we can guarantee all our medical batteries 100%.

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Competitive Pricing

The significant benefits that we provide are not extras that are reflected in the price of our products. Our battery prices include all of our testing measures and standards. Our major difference is quality.

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Quality-Certified Labels

The label is our guarantee that you’re getting a quality-certified product. We archive the full test results of every battery so we can help hospitals determine when each battery will need to be replaced

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Medical Battery holds an active

Health Canada Class II Medical Device Establishment License

Energizer Partner

We're proud to be an official partner with Energizer, providing quality lithium batteries to our clients.

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Active Health Canada Establishment License

Medical Battery holds an active Health Canada Class Medical Device Establishment License (3410).


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Since adopting Medical Battery Corporation as our preferred battery vendor, the incidence of “out of the box” failures and subsequently the costs associated with returning failed batteries has been dramatically reduced. With the use of “Quality Certified” batteries from Medical Battery Corporation, all our scheduled battery replacements have been on time, on budget and worry free.

Gerry Shepherd

Purchasing Agent, Health Sciences Centre

Our Difference

We provide medical batteries to our clients with a difference, certified quality. Every battery we sell is placed through a rigorous testing process that determines actual capacity. Any unit not performing to standard is not sold. Our medical battery clients enjoy products that work as expected out of the box.

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